"How To Grow Your Stream, Build A Community & Succeed Without Spending Thousands Of Hours Figuring It Out Yourself"
From: Ivan Prats - Stream Growth Expert

Attn: Anyone who wants to become a full-time streamer
From: Ivan Prats -  Audience Growth Expert
Attn: Anyone who wants to become a full-time streamer
Hi, my name is Ivan Prats and after analyzing the streaming industry for a long time I saw some patterns that repeated and I came to a conclusion to why some streamers succeed while others don't. 

I synthesized that information mixed with my business, marketing & sales knowledge & experience to create the Audience Accelerator (formerly known as SAP).
  •             I teach my students how they can pursue their goals, quit their BS job, provide for their families, have more free time to spend with their loved ones, do what they're passionate about, and be happier overall and I can help you get that as well.
Let me tell you the story of how I started streaming in Twitch for the sole purpose of proving you that what I teach in the program actually works, and what happened after I did.

February 1st I decided to start my own stream so I started preparing for it, implementing all the information and action items that I lay out in the program, and after going LIVE for the first time ever on February 25th, here are the numbers of that day:
On my very first time streaming in Twitch, without an audience behind me, literally starting from scratch, I managed to pull off a successful stream.

It was not luck, it was preparation, knowledge, execution, planning it down to the minute and flawlessly executing to make it happen, and it happened.

After that first stream, I knew that I was onto something very powerful, so I kept going and streamed next Wednesday 27, and Friday 01 (March).

The results were undeniable. 
You could be thinking "Oh, but you need to stream for 7 different days", I did some short test streams early February to figure stuff out, those were counted in.

In under a week's time I OVERDELIVERED in my path to affiliate with nearly 10 average viewers and over 60 followers in just 8 hours of stream and got invited to become a Twitch affiliate.
And after that, I kept implementing the Audience Accelerator, and every stream I do is my best one to that point, after 30 days since I did my first stream here's how the numbers look like, NO RAIDS, NO HOSTS, NO F4F, NO H4H, NO VIEWBOTS, NOTHING, just me and the program:
But that's not the only thing I achieved, I also grown an amazing support community around me that's growing VERY rapidly. In just 45 days I've grown it from ZERO to OVER 700 ACTIVE MEMBERS.

I started growing this community when I decided to start streaming, February 1st, by applying what's explained on the Audience Accelerator.
Those members are not bots, or spammy self-promotion kids, they're ACTIVE members of my community.
Despite being early on the process, I've proven to myself, my community, and hopefully you too, that the Audience Accelerato can deliver exceptional results if you're committed and work for it. 

If you want to experience this level of growth, join the training today and take a leap towards success.
Training Structure
  •  FOUNDATIONS MODULE: How to have a high performing mindset and flawless organization level that puts you in the position to crush it. ($197 VALUE)
  •  VOCATIONAL TRAINING MODULE: How to set the foundations of your stream success and stand out from the crowd. ($49 VALUE)
  •  TECHNICAL TRAINING MODULE: How to bring people to your stream through advanced marketing tactics and strategic networking. ($127 VALUE)
  •  OPERATIONAL TRAINING MODULE: How to run your stream like a business, not money-driven, but results & success-driven. ($49 VALUE)
  •  ANALYTICAL TRAINING MODULE: How to analyze yourself and your stream to improve it every day and scale up. ($49 VALUE)
  •  FINANCIAL TRAINING MODULE: How to increase the revenue you get from your stream by incentivizing follows, subs, and tips the right way. ($29 VALUE)
$9.97 USD
Excellent... The content I've learned from this program has helped me go from 7 Twitch Subscribers to 100+ Twitch Subscribers in less than 2 weeks since I've started it. Incredible really. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to enroll in this program as the information included is honestly priceless.

Alex Suntay
If you are looking for a no-nonsense approach to improving your outreach, the Audience Accelerator should be your first choice. With a very clear mindset and approach, they will help you advance your career.

Kyle Wertz
The Audience Accelerator was clear and well informed, I highly recommend it to any online entertainer. It will help you truly grasp streaming as a business venture. Seriously consider enrolling if you would like to improve.

Joey Mercer
Discover How The Audience Accelerator Can Help You Succeed
The Audience Accelerator is designed in a way that guides you through the process of becoming a successful streamer, it doesn't just give you the information, but also action items to keep you accountable and disciplined through the training.

This training will help you address the following problems:
  • No matter what you do, your stream doesn't grow or grows too slow
  •  Viewers don't support you with subs, follows, and tips as much as you'd like
  •  Viewers come but they stay silent, and eventually leave even if you talk to them
  •  You don't know how to promote your stream and what you've tried doesn't work very well
  •  Every stream is chaotic, you don't know what you'll do and what results you'll get from that
  •  You're frustrated because you dedicate so much time and effort for nothing
If you're facing any of these issues then I've got good news for you, because this step-by-step actionable program will help you put an end to all those frustrating obstacles.
  •  Your stream will flourish and start growing every day, and you'll notice it
  •  Viewers will start happily supporting you more often
  •  Your retention numbers will skyrocket
  •  You will know exactly how to promote your stream to make people come and STAY
  •  You will know exactly what to do and what results you'll get from every stream
  •  All your time and effort will be widely rewarded
This is a very effective training; well explained, and makes succeeding 
a lot easier. I would recommend this to everyone.

Lisa Kulp
Very effective training. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to succeed. Very informative and appealing.

Steven Mullen
Even at the very beginning, I knew that this would a groundbreaking course and if you haven't thought about it yet, you should.

Deante Pounds
Everybody's Looking In The Wrong Direction
Everybody's looking at the "shiny" things such as cool emote packs, flashy overlays, noisy alerts, and don't get me wrong, all that is helpful to a point, but not that much when the foundations are flawed... That would be like trying to put a bandage to a broken femur that's sticking out of the leg, it won't do much.

Most streamers try to build a beautiful skyscraper on top of quicksand, and when it all crumbles down they ask themselves "What happened!? Why is this not working?"...

I developed the Audience Accelerator precisely to fix this, because it's not that you're not entertaining or skilled, but you're putting your energy in the wrong place and wasting hundreds of hours doing something that's not bringing viewers to your stream or keeping them around.
I'm in love with this training so far, it gives you a good and serious mindset and opens your eyes to what the right thing to do is. Thank you Ivan!

Kris Dahler
Followed the first video about organization, schedule, and auto-discipline. It was really interesting and useful in many ways. I'd recommend following the modules in the Audience Accelerator if you want to know more and make the first step on goods tracks.

Guillaume J. Denebourg
I would most certainly recommend Ivan Prats because the support is more than 100%. I got the best and couldn't of asked for a better coach to start with. Since taking the advice my channel has gone further than expected.

Matt James
There's Really Nothing Like The Audience Accelerator
I've purchased every single course, guide & training out there and watched hundreds of hours of video to come to the realization that there's nothing really practical and actionable out there.

All I found was fluff advice that you could find with a quick search on YouTube or Reddit. Don't get me wrong, all that advice is great, but it ain't helping you or anybody that doesn't have the foundations & strategy to execute on them.

You don't need advice, you need GUIDANCE.

This is why I decided to synthesize all that advice and mix it with my own business, marketing & sales experience to create an actionable step-by-step training that can actually help you succeed as a streamer.

The Audience Accelerator is designed in a way that pays for itself. The knowledge, action items, community, 1-on-1 mentorship, and the LIVE Q&As with me will ensure that you make the money you spent in this program back. I guarantee that.

From there it will get better and better, because the strategies and knowledge you'll learn are evergreen, replicable, and scalable, so making it as a full-time streamer will be just a matter of time.
The Audience Accelerator Is Not Just Information & Action Items
I Want You To Succeed And I'm Making Sure That Happens
The streaming industry is changing rapidly. In fact, everyone’s stream is different and may encounter different situations that you may need help in.

It makes no sense that you purchase this training if you don't have success with it, and I'm here to make sure that happens.

I don’t just want you to know how to build your stream, I want to help you build, grow and scale it and get direct hands-on coaching to continue to help your flourish into success.

I do not tolerate any failures and you will get your burning questions answered and get un-stuck so you can continue to grow your stream.
Take Action Now Because Success Is For Those Who Take Action And Are Willing To Put Some Skin In The Game
Most streamers will not have the courage and confidence to enroll in the Audience Accelerator, they will tell to themselves that they don't need it or whatever other excuse that fits and keep being stuck where they are.

The truth is that what's going to set yourself apart from those streamers is taking action today and doing something about your situation, because to be at the top 1% streamers in the industry, you must do the 99% things others are not willing to do.
Frequent Asked Questions
Who is the Audience Accelerator for?
If you are serious about streaming or if you have tried everything but still did not have any success with your stream, then the Audience Accelerator is for you. You will get the training and action items that will help you get the success you want.
Is there any "money back" guarantee?
Yes, we are 100% committed to excellence and we want you to be happy with what you've bought, so if you feel like you didn't get any value from the program email us at hello@firstlayermedia.com asking for a refund and we will deliver. We do not promise any results. In fact, you MUST put in a lot of effort to make this work, the difference between success and failure lays in your ability to figure it out. This training is the best GUIDANCE you can get, but you MUST execute on what you learn from the program in order to succeed.
How long will it take me to get results with this program?
This depends on how fast you are able to go through the program, how fast you take action and apply what you’ve learned into your stream, and also the stream approach you are going to take. Some people may see results as quickly as the first week of implementing, and others may take a longer time.
Are there additional costs to build my stream using this training?
The Audience Accelerator saves you time and money by providing you with the training, processes & tools to help you build your own stream. There will be no additional selling from us. However, you could need to invest in your stream's design: logo, panels, alerts, icon packs, overlays, website, etc. That's optional though.
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