Process From Stranger To Regular Viewer
Written by Ivan Prats
Hey, it's Ivan Prats here and in this blog post, I wanted to share with you another essential aspect that I teach my students to help them grow their streams.

Understanding the process that a viewer goes through from stranger to regular is key because that allows you to break that process down and reverse-engineer it to figure out how to replicate it.

The process goes like this:

Stranger > Curiosity > Discovery > Impressions > Routine > Regular

The first step is feeling curiosity for what you have to offer, I talked about how to spark that curiosity in a previous email I sent you yesterday.

It's mandatory that you "value-promote" so the stranger knows what you're about before deciding if they want to invest their time in watching you instead of somebody else or whatever other activity they could be doing.

You are not only competing with other streamers, but you're also competing with Instagram, Netflix, HBO, YouTube, and any other form of entertaining there is, so make sure your "trailer" is good enough to make people want to come.

If I see a clip like this and then a link to a Livestream, I'll probably go and watch it:

But Shroud is kinda unique, you don't have to be awesome, you can just be funny, that will work too:

It doesn't need to be something "gaming" related, there're plenty of funny and memorable moments you can use to promote yourself:

Once you've made somebody be curious about you, that person will jump into the next step of the process of becoming a regular.

Discovery is when the person that wants to see more, actually goes to your stream and checks you out, but be careful, because if you promise more than you can deliver, you're in trouble.

Imagine this situation, you watch a movie trailer that looks awesome, you go to watch the movie, it sucks, you probably won't recommend it, right?...

It's crucial that there's congruency between your promotion and your actual stream. Make sure you're consistent in terms of the type of value you offer (fun, education, inspiration, deep conversations, etc).

When somebody discovers your stream and likes it, well you're halfway through because is not only about sparking curiosity once, the more impressions, the better.

And that leads to the next step of the process: Impressions.

What I mean by that is that you should serve as many "trailers" of your stream as possible to non-regulars.

Have you heard of Stockholm's syndrome? The kidnapped person starts liking the kidnapper because they spend a lot of time with the kidnapper, the brain works like that, the more you do something, the more likely you're to stick to it.

That's how habits and routines are formed, so the more you put yourself in front of non-regulars, the more chances of them becoming regulars, makes sense, right?...

Again I must mention the importance of value-promoting (not self-promoting) because a habit is formed by 3 elements:

Trigger - Action - Outcome

If you self-promote, the trigger is your post, the habit is not liking your post thus not liking you (because self-promotion is lame, selfish, and sucks), and the outcome is not seeing your stream, ignoring your post, or negatively interacting with you and your stream.

You don't want to hard-wire that habit in your non-regulars, you want the opposite... And how you do that?:

By value-promoting, the trigger would be curiosity that your post sparks, the action would be going to your stream, and the outcome would be having fun in your stream and spend time there, THAT is the habit you want to hard-wire in people's brains.

That's what you want to accomplish, which links to the last part of the process of turning a stranger into a regular: routine.

You want to become a routine for them, and you do that by serving a lot of impressions so people start going to your stream automatically after you trigger them through value-promotion.

So wrapping up this post, if you want to get more viewers, you must reverse-engineer the process of somebody becoming a regular, which is:

Curiosity > Discovery > Impressions > Routine

And the first step is sparking curiosity on strangers, so they want to discover you and keep doing that (serving impressions) until your stream becomes a routine for them that you know how to trigger

That's it from me today. If you'd like to discuss anything mentioned in this post, or something related to stream growth, make sure to hit me up on DM or comment below!

To your success!
- Ivan Prats


Ivan Prats

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