Self-promotion? Nah!
Written by Ivan Prats
Hi, it's Ivan Prats here and in this blog post I want to talk about one BIG mistake most streamers do when it comes to promoting their streams.

There're 2 main types of promotion, self-promotion and value-promotion, and for what I've observed MOST streamers do self-promotion.

Now let's see an example of what "self-promotion" is, here's an image of something you probably see dozens of times every day:

The problem with that is that you're asking people that don't know you to do something for you, and that's like if I tried to sell you my program without first offering some kind of value or engaging in conversation that results valuable for you.

This is what most people do, and I get it, is fast, easy, you post it everywhere, in every single group you're in, you post in all the discord servers that have a channel to dump links, and you see little to no growth from it... that's completely normal, have you ever paid attention to one of those link dumps asking you to go and "have fun"? Maybe you did, but most people don't.

What you should try to do instead is value-promoting, and what's that? - you may ask.

Value-promotion is a way of promoting your stream indirectly in a way that you ask people to come and watch, without directly asking for it, but instead offering value upfront, which's the key of value-promoting.

To know why value-promoting works you must first understand the law of reciprocity, that states that a kind action is often rewarded with another kind action, or saying the same, a valuable action is rewarded with more value.

If you do that, you'll have the "right" to ask something in return after you've provided value, some people will take the bait, others won't, but it's way more effective than self-promoting.

Value upfront (then) Ask (then) more value (then) ask (then) even more value (then) ask (...)

So how can you leverage the law of reciprocity in my posts to make people come watch my streams?...

It's pretty straight forward: with value upfront. Next time that you want to promote yourself, instead of saying something like:

"LIVE playing APEX now, come and say hi"
"I'm about to hit affiliate, please help!"
"I'm a counter-strike streamer, come see me hit some headshots"

Try using your stream as a source of content you curate to show it to others like a movie "trailer".

Your stream should be the full movie, you want people to come and see it, but you probably won't go see a movie that you don't know what's about, right?...

To fix that you must show what your stream is about through small pieces of content that work as a sneak peek of your stream, so people feel curiosity and actually check you out, that's how you value-promote.

Big streamers do this kind of promotion every day, because it works, is not about asking people to do something for you, is about enticing people to want to see more of what you have to offer.

Here are some examples of pretty good value promotion:

And let me warn you before you jump in like crazy looking for the best clips of your past VODs:


I can't stress that hard enough, you don't pick the clip, edit it until you like it, and post it expecting people to like the same things you do, you must let people decide, and you do that by playing the numbers game.

What that means is that is not that much about the quality of content creation, but about the quantity of content creation, because you can't decide what's good and what's not good, people decide, so make sure you take very little time post-producing your content, and as much time as possible creating new content to see what pops.

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That's it from me today, I hope this post helps you grow your stream.

To your success,
- Ivan Prats

Ivan Prats

Ivan Prats helps streamers boost their streams to the next level and start growing their audiences to make a living out of the streaming activity. He is an expert social media marketing, stream audience growth, and content marketing & distribution strategies.
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